Intercoin Capital

With the rapid development of technology, we strongly believed that artificial intelligence has goes deeply into the financial territory via “data + computing power + algorithm + scenario” and thus it promotes the development of smart finance. Intercoin Capital is committed to using innovative blockchain financial technology to co create an open, interactive, a peer-to-peer, win-win integrated financial services platform.

Wisdom in Technology

Better than Application

Intercoincapital is a composition of three important elements (Inter + Coin + Capital). Inter is the meaning of International; Coin is the representative of cryptocurrency; and Capital is exclusive to companies in the investment field.

ICC originated from a smart financial technology team from Silicon Valley, USA, focusing on composing intelligent hedge arbitrage and trading systems to provide industry services and management to major financial companies.

Our Technology

Intercoin Capital aims to lead the way, not just for financial sector, but to impress the whole world by integrating Artificial Intelligence Technology into our daily investment life. With more than 10 years experiences and background in financial sector and AI, we are proudly to build an intelligence platform – that is secure, smart, and easy to use, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital and the way investors buy and sell of digital assets


ICBX is created to make an excellent ecosystem for bringing win-win benefits to users and operators. A perfect ecosystem will make our platform to a world platform.

Trading Platform

We have started our journey from OTC trading platform (fiat trading) and then to the launch of coin to coin exchange platform. Our ultimate goal is to launch an intelligent trading platform in order to let everyone can trade without any experiences.

Artificial Intelligence

In the technology world with full of information and emotions, it’s important to have Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze the information and data than an emotional human in financial market. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks.

Global Payment

IcbPay is an independent digital currency third-party coin payment platform based on DAG technology. Using DAG, it can easily and safely establish a payment and settlement network in the physical equipment group in a decentralized way, providing customers with the safest, stable, simple and fast payment channels for digital assets.

From the past

Financial Technology

2018, based in California, Intercoin Capital is a finance technology company that specialize in technology + financial market trading research and development.

From the past

Artificial Intelligence

Intercoin Capital then started to develop and implement Artificial Intelligence technology into financial trading and aim to disrupt the way of digital assets trading.

To the present

Cryptocurrency Trading

2019, Intercoin Capital started to develop and launching OTC trading platform and coin to coin exchange platform for the preparation of intelligent trading platform.

To the present

ICB Platform Token

ICBX is launching in mid of 2019 to build an excellent ecosystem in wallet, global payment and e-commerce.

... And into the future

Intelligent Trading Platform

With the of deployment of xDream3.0, IntercoinX transform into full fledge Intelligent Digital Financial Trading Platform.

... And into the future

Connecting The Future

The independent digital asset financial ecosystem completes and marks the beginning of a new age.